Inviting Ease

With siprema inviting your desired service contractors is a thing of ease to manage all your services from one platform. In addition we made it just as easy for a service contractor to invite their customers to siprema to set them apart from their competition.

The Dashboard

Our Dashboard is set up to match the flow of your workday. Having easy access from your dashboard will bring you the utmost speed in task completion.

Concerns Identifier

We have set up a concern feature that will allow customers to document concerns they may have with their services and track them to completion. In addition service contractors can track concerns of their internal staff and vendors without the customer viewing internal issues.

Pre work order Seller

The pre work order seller feature will be a service contractors go to feature for up sales. It is a feature built to showcase additional service that can be turned to either a full estimate or a work order. A customer will benefit from this feature as it will limit liability to their property and track outstanding issues they may have with their property. Great news for both service contractor and customer is it is tracked via calendar and will not be lost in commutation such as phone calls, emails or text.

Estimator Pro

Our estimating feature is one of a kind and is truly proprietary. The ability for service contractors to send out estimate invites to compare apples to apples will make the estimating process much more efficient.

Work Order Capture

The days of a stagnant work order are a thing of the past. Our smart work orders not only allow you to communicate and document all interaction. As our motto is document everything with everyone especially when it comes to critical business. This can now be done by speaking to your customers and service contractors from our work orders. We have a built in recurring work order as well for service providers who provide services ongoing. In addition tracking your performance such as satisfaction and time it was turned over will now be captured.

Invoicing Control

Invoicing is key to the success of all service contractor and to make it simplistic, efficient and speedy was our goal. No need to rewrite or go to another platform your workflow is a click away from sending your invoice as a service contractor to your customer immediately upon completion of your work orders.

PropData Viewer

You can now control as a customer what your service providers view on your property prior to showing up and providing service. This will eliminate the famous “FREE” estimate as we know doesn’t exist and more importantly will eliminate material order downtime.

Inventory Control

As a customer to be able to control your inventory for your property is a value second to none. Having this knowledge will never leave you in the clouds when your service providers install inventory. Know what you are paying for is key and knowing what you have will also bring you leverage in negotiations with service contractors when they sell you on service.

Project/Property Vault

This feature will give you the ability to add image and document folders that help with identifying your property. It can also be great to save all important documents to your property so looking in the “File” cabinet, emails and every else you have important documents wull be a thing in the past. If it is a value to the property it now is in one place... Control never felt so good!

Intelligence Center

What can we say to be powerful you must back that up with real data. This real data is key to the success of all entities. Whether you want to know what your property is costing you per trade or you’re a service contractor and you want to track employee performance it is now a possibility with siprema.


To know what, when, where and why in real time can be the key of landing that service project and getting the job. You will have alerts for all transactions in which will give you the edge to stay ahead and on top of your property needs

User to User Messaging

Instant messaging is a feature we have but have added a twist. Your conversations now are saved in case you may need to go back and gather an imprint fact from your valued conversations.

Sync Calendar

Knowing is power but only if it is tracked. We now have a synced calendar that will sync up to your google calendars so you know what is going on at all times. Never miss a detail again.

My Preferred

As a customer you now have the ability to create a list of your preferred service providers so they populate your drop downs when their trade comes calling. You can also give full access to your properties as well to give your contractor unparalleled access to your property’s needs.

Route Tour Specialist

Manage more than one property? As a service contractor you can now utilize the route feature to track your property visits like a true maestro!

Service Tool (Service Contractors Only)

Training is key for service contractor’s staff and will ultimately set your team apart. A trained staff will bring happy satisfied customers and less call backs. We have created a section where you’re ongoing training can exist for your teams. Ad documents, videos and images that your team can view anytime and anywhere. This will also eliminate the call backs and the how to calls managers accept too much!

The Profiler

The profiler will give service contractors the ability to allow their performance reviews and marketing information can be viewed by a potential customer. As a customer it is key to know who you are hiring long before they step on your property.

The Switcharoo

The switcharoo feature will allow a customer to become a service provider and vice versa. Service contractors have their own properties as well and no need to log out now. Just switch over and manage away!

Certified Service Pro’s

Siprema only invites the best of the best to perform for our customers. Our service contractors must be pre qualifies prior to being an option for our customers.